This site contains resources useful to postdocs.  It includes the following links:

Events: The Cell Biology Department calendar of events (plus selected other events around Harvard Medical School and affiliates).

Science Job Sites:  Links to web sites that contain either career information for scientists, job search capabilities for scientists, or both.

General: This site is intended to provide general information to postdocs about getting the most out of your training, general assistance in their search for employment (and to assist faculty in their part in this process), and a variety of opportunities that are available.  

In addition, for Cell Biology Department postdocs, we have a private site that contains Job Announcements that were sent to department faculty as well as more specific job resources for department postdocs.  To gain access to the department-only areas of this site, please log in by clicking here or the icon below.

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Do you need a login and password?

You may notice that some features do not work if you are not logged in -- for example, some sections in the upper left menu for Job Announcements and Postdoc CV.

Instead of requiring each person to create their own login name and password, we have created two central logins and passwords, one for faculty and one for postdocs. These will be changed at the end of each academic year. Please send an e-mail to this link if you do not know this year's password or forgot/lost the password for this academic year.  Note that this will only work if you are sending e-mail from an address within the harvard.edu domain, so use your Harvard account to send the e-mail.

Posting postdoc CVs

Cell biology postdocs who would like the faculty to be aware that they are looking for a position can upload their CVs on this site. Faculty can then look over the CVs and pass them on to colleagues who request nominees for positions in their departments. Only
faculty will have access to this part of the web site. 

Faculty will need a different login in order to use the Postdoc CV search feature, which will not be accessible to anyone else in the department. Please email this address for the login information.

Instructions for sending CVs for posting

You can send your CV as a PDF to this e-mail address. It will then be uploaded to the site so that faculty can search it. (Please note: the posting of CVs is for Harvard postdocs only so that Cell Biology faculty can search CVs if those faculty learn of a position in academia or industry and want to seek Harvard candidates. Please do not send us your CV if you attend or work at a non-affiliated institution or company.)

Because of the way that this site is set up, only faculty can see (and search) CVs.

I have a job announcement from industry or academia I'd like to share.

Excellent. Send it to this e-mail address and we'll post it as soon as possible.

More questions?

If you have questions about this site and its contents, please write to this e-mail address. Suggestions, comments and criticisms are solicited. Don't be shy! We want to know how to make this site useful for you and all future postdocs.

This page last updated 10/30/2013